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Kerygma 4 Kids author Anita Houghton discusses her new program on Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo.

Teresa Tomeo:
“…What’s happening here is why I wanted Anita to come on, because it really goes back to the basic evangelization. If we compartmentalize, in some way, at some level – and I’m speaking from personal experience, because I know this from being away from the Church for many years before I came back into a full relationship with Christ in the faith – there’s that disconnect. Because we haven’t put Jesus as Lord of all over everything in our life. And that’s why what Anita’s doing is so importantKerygma 4 Kids, a new program. This is something on her heart, and she had told me about it a year ago, and now it’s come to fruition…”

Anita Houghton:
“When my kids were little, I had the privilege of being a catechist for them, so I was in the classroom. I taught every grade. And it was my experience that something more was needed in the process of catechesis to help kids to really own their faith.

They receive their sacraments, they kind of check the box. But something was missing. And as you know, in the last 10 years, evangelization as been on the top of the Church’s agenda. We’ve been responding as a Church – We have awesome programs for adults: ChristLife is out there, Alpha is out there, Light of the World retreats are out there. These are all wonderful programs.

In catechetical circles we always say we have to evangelize the parents. But I was really convicted that not only do we have to do that – which is truly true – but I think we have to parallel our efforts and have something for children as well. As we’re evangelizing the parents, we’re also evangelizing children. Children have a great capacity for God, and sometimes I think we forget that…”

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Kerygma 4 Kids helps children encounter Christ personally and presents the Kerygma – the Good News that Jesus died and rose to save us from sin – in an age-appropriate way.

Kerygma 4 Kids includes:

  • Kindergarten – Grade 5
  • Animated Videos
  • Engaging workbook activities
  • Detailed Leader Guide
  • Present 1 lesson, in 1 hour, to each grade (K-5), every year

    Kerygma 4 Kids is designed to supplement your current curriculum, and is a great reference point to reinforce throughout the year!

    A great resource for a variety of settings:

  • Parish
  • School
  • Homeschool
  • Retreat
  • Camp
  • Etc!
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