Are we just as happy?

Are we just as happy? So I’ve shared with you that I recently moved to North Carolina with my family, and two weeks ago was round two as I flew back to Chicago and drove my parents’ truck down. [...]

Believe It and Live It

Happy Easter! I hope that you had a great weekend and enjoyable time with family and friends. If you were to ask a random group of people what Easter means to them, it would be safe to assume you [...]

We set our sights high

One of our authors, Ken Yasinski, was recently doing a parish mission in a nearby town, and my wife and I were excited to attend and see him speak. If you’re not familiar with Ken he is a [...]

5 years later

Sorry for the delay in getting a new blog post out, but time has really gotten away from me. Seeing February on the calendar, it amazes me how fast January went. This fast time, however, has [...]

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