training how to create a culture of evangelization!

Do you have the:

~ Same people volunteering
~ Same people attending your faith studies
~ Same weekly % of people tithing

Make the most out of your:

~ Bible Studies and Faith Formation programs
~ Retreats and Parish Events
~ Subscriptions to, etc.

How does relit help?


with your core team (parish staff, ministry leaders, priests, etc.) receives training on practical examples (such as Transcendentals, Thresholds, etc.) and theological philosophies so you can reach the people you speak about every council meeting.


through the training, as well as after, you will begin identifying areas, like your bulletins, Religious Education, donut Sundays, etc., that you can make, and in some cases, simple tweaks to get the results you want.


with your core team, you will begin creating a plan, which involves much of what your parish is already doing, that will create evangelistic opportunities among your ministries.


With a newly developed lens for evangelization, your parish can begin to not only attract new members, but provide you the much needed:

increase in volunteers
increase in parish event participation
increase in % of people tithing

Before and after the culture of evangelization training:

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Food for thought:

Have you ever heard someone say that they are a visual or auditory learner? It doesn’t mean that they can’t learn by either style, but one is more dominate.

It’s a very general way of understanding how others see God, but in a similar manner, how people see God and how God reveals himself to others is called Transcendentals aka Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Just like some people learn from a visual or auditory style, people mostly see God from a Truth, Goodness, or Beauty perspective. So, if you are Truth person, you lean heavily towards theology, but a Goodness person would look for something like a strong community and friendly people. Whereas a beauty person would see God in nature, artwork, etc.

Its safe to say that most people are visual learners so listening to a lecture isn’t the best way to “capture” their attention. The same could be said for evangelizing. Most people are in the Goodness realm so giving them a theology book or getting into apologetics wouldn’t be the best way to reach them either. Even though this is the Truth, this isn’t the way they best “see” God. Learn more about the Transcendentals in session 16.

Next time your speaking to someone about the Church, think of how the Transcendentals could play an impact in your conversation.

“Seeking something involves knowing about it, wanting it, and going out to take possession of it. These three activities correspond to the three basic powers of the human soul: the mind, which knows and understands; the emotions, which feel attraction and repulsion; and the will, by which one makes decisions and takes action.”

About the Author

Michael Dopp, STL

Michael Dopp graduated from St Augustine’s at the University of Toronto with a Master of Divinity (MDiv) and earned a Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL), with a concentration on the new evangelization, at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Michigan. Michael has been involved in a variety of ministries dedicated to evangelization and mission projects in Europe, Africa, and North America. He is founder and president of Mission of the Redeemer Ministries, founder of The New Evangelization Summit, and co-director of The Summer Institute in the New Evangelization.

Michael has presented for 18 diocese and over 50 parishes and apostolates, as well as Catholic ministries such as CCO, NET, and Cursillo. He has led presentations for priests, deacons, university students, prayer groups, RCIA, sacramental preparation groups, adult faith formation, and more.


To invite Michael Dopp to present relit live to your parish or to book him as a speaker, click here.

There are just a few of the several ideas you will take away from relit.

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