One of our authors, Ken Yasinski, was recently doing a parish mission in a nearby town, and my wife and I were excited to attend and see him speak. If you’re not familiar with Ken he is a phenomenal speaker and has such a great delivery with a simple message. Ken not only does parish missions, but he also regularly sends out inspiring Catholic Minute videos that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  I highly recommend you check out his site –

Since he lives in Canada we don’t see each other that frequently, so when I learned a year ago that he was going to be here, I was looking forward to meeting up with him. Hard to believe a year passed and he was now in town, so, my wife and I set up an evening to meet up for dinner and enjoy his talk. I can’t tell you how many things I felt took place to prevent us from making this meeting. I was so frustrated because for a year I knew he was going to be here, and now we weren’t going to make it.

From trying to get the kids ready for the sitter to getting stuck in traffic and having a horrific rainstorm that evening, we weren’t going to be able to make it in time to see him. I pulled over on the shoulder and texted him saying we can’t make it and that we had to turn around. He responded, “That’s ok somethings aren’t meant to be”.

Now, I’ve heard this many times in my life; in fact, I have even said it. But for whatever reason this particular time, it hit me at a moment I needed to hear it.  There are so many things that we want to have happen.  Whether it be a successful job interview or promotion, a new little addition to the family, meeting that special someone, or implementing an effective strategy at work, we set our sights high. There is nothing wrong with this, but when it doesn’t happen, it can feel like a failure or disappointment. However, in the big picture of things, God knows the whole picture, and we have to just put it in his hands and know that somethings aren’t meant to be, even though we may feel or think differently.

God bless!

  • Ken Yasinski

    Thanks for your kind words! 😀

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