My house has been absolutely crazy the last few weeks. We’ve had so much going on: kids’ activities finalizing year end taxes, registering the kids for school next year, and oh yeah, we are selling our house so we’ve been packing too. It’s busy enough to live the regular day in and day out activities such as jobs and family responsibilities. Now to add everything else that goes with a move: getting the house ready for showings, the actual showings, getting the paperwork done. It’s just been a lot.

And being right in the middle of Lent when we should be spending more time reflecting I have caught myself several times working around the clock. Overall, I think I have good reason, but it does remind me of what’s important and to make sure I’m taking time out for God as well as others. I can tend to focus too much on all the busy tasks. Whenever I get myself in too many activities, the story of Martha and Mary pops into my head. I feel like I can be Martha always trying to get in one more thing thinking if can I get just this one thing done then I can relax. That almost rarely happens because there are always just “one more things”. If you can relate to any of this, you may have thought or think how can I with my schedule find time for prayer and talk with God.

This is part of what Fr. Bartunek had in mind when he wrote “The Better Part”. If you’re not familiar with this title or haven’t looked into it, I encourage you to check it out as well as the iPhone app. When I first saw it, I was intimidated by its size. However that’s because it contains all four Gospels broken down into bite-size daily reads, and includes commentary from the perspectives of: Christ the Lord, Christ the teacher, Christ the friend, and Christ in my life. (Click here to read a sample)

Every time I’ve read it, there’s at least one point that speaks to me for that day. This Lent has been more busy than I would like and perhaps not one of my best to date. But the beauty is Lent is not about counting the times we fall short but about continuing to strive towards the ultimate goal. Coming up on Lent’s halfway point, there is plenty of time to make some adjustments. I know for sure I’m going to be making a stronger effort in living “The Better Part” and what a great way to get a fresh perspective by picking up Fr. Bartunek’s book. I hope your Lent is going well, and if you’re busy, please make sure to take some time to sit and relax with God because you know as well as I do, there will always be “one more thing” that you could find to do.

God bless and Happy Lent!

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