Just do it was a famous slogan that Nike introduced to the world back in the late 80s, and even though it’s been several years since its launch, when you hear those words, you know what it means. That’s what, I believe, was so creative and clever about that slogan.

In my last blog post, sorry about the tardiness, but a lot has been going on since then, I had said that I was moving to North Carolina with my family. It was a long process:
– selling our house
– packing up our house
– moving it into storage
– living with my parents for 6 weeks
– finding a house over 13 hours away
– loading up the truck
– driving a truck just shy of needing a CDL, while towing my car
– closing on our current house
– painting this house
– waiting for my family to arrive
– and unpacking here

Knowing the end result I would do it again, but it was tiring. However, to get to this point, my family and I had to look at what we wanted for us. Today’s secular society seems to endorse the idea of two working parents. My wife, Monica, and I enjoy working and providing for our family, but we felt like sometimes we were getting a little too rushed and fast-paced. By no means are we against two parents working, but for us, at this point in life, we wanted a change of pace. So after much prayer and discussion we looked at each other and said just do it. I must add that we were trying to get other family near us as well (2 families in Texas, and 4 families from Illinois, and more if they wanted to join). This just do it was going to be quite an extensive plan and by all means, God’s plan. Could all this happen? We felt that if we saw signal graces, we were on the right track.

Not only did it happen but five of the six families’ houses sold quickly and each family found their ideal house all within 10 minutes of each other here in North Carolina. Now we are still waiting for a few others to move down, but in time, we believe it will happen.

There have been many just do it moments I feel like Monica and I have prayed and discussed, but this one was the biggest. God seemed to really put it in front of us. It was constantly on our minds, so much, that we just had to say let’s put it in God’s hands, and we did.

Whatever is constantly on your mind, take it to God, take a step back and look at where you can apply it to your life, and if God is constantly putting it in front of you, just do it!

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